James Briganti


Professor Briganti is currently Assistant Professor at Nagasaki University School of Medicine, Japan, where he teaches Public Health in the English Section and oversees three different international exchange programs. Previously, Professor Briganti worked for Michigan State University, USA, teaching academic writing to VIPP (Visiting International Professional Program) students from Libya, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, among others. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, International Relations, from James Madison College at Michigan State University, Professor Briganti was active in two citizens’ lobby groups, Clean Water Action and Citizens Action, where he was a fundraiser and crew leader responsible for educating citizens state-wide concerning legislative actions on environmental and civil liberties issues. Professor Briganti returned to Japan five years ago after obtaining his Master’s degree. His current interests are cross-cultural competence, social justice, international academic collaboration, and Content-Based Instruction. He has an abiding love of literature, learning, nature and progressive ideas.

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