Past ACSS Conferences

The Asian Conference on the Social Sciences (ACSS) is one of IAFOR's longest established and best attended events, bringing together delegates from many different national, cultural and linguistic backgrounds to Tokyo, Japan, to present new research and exchange ideas. This exceptional platform welcomes speakers and delegates working in any area of the social sciences, from academics and theorists to policymakers and practitioners, in both the private and public sectors, for challenging debate and stimulating discussions around the latest concepts and newest approaches.

IAFOR’s social sciences programme is developed by leading scholars, and in partnership with some of the world’s leading academic institutions, including University of Michigan, Nihon University, University of Tokyo, Birkbeck, University of London, Lehigh University, University of Indonesia, Virginia Tech, Waseda and Duke-NUS Medical School. These partnerships attest to the excellence of our programme, but also mean that our conferences are exceptional platforms to disseminate your research.


June 1–4, 2022 | Held online from Tokyo, Japan


May 24-26, 2021 | Held online from Tokyo, Japan


May 24-27, 2020 | Online from Tokyo, Japan


Conference Theme: "Independence & Interdependence"

May 20-22, 2019 | Toshi Center, Tokyo, Japan


Conference Theme: "Surviving and Thriving: In Pursuit of a Sustainable World"

June 8–10, 2018 | Art Center Kobe, Kobe, Japan


Conference Theme: "East Meets West: Innovation and Discovery"

June 8–11, 2017 | Art Center Kobe, Kobe, Japan


Conference Theme: “Justice and Sustainability”

June 9–12, 2016 | Art Center Kobe, Kobe, Japan


Conference Theme: “Power”

June 11–14, 2015 | Art Center Kobe, Kobe, Japan


Conference Theme: “Individual, Community & Society: Conflict, Resolution & Synergy”

June 12–15, 2014 | Osaka International Conference Center, Osaka, Japan


Conference Theme: “Working Together Towards a Sustainable World”

June 9–12, 2013 | The Ramada Osaka, Osaka, Japan


Conference Theme: “Trust”

March 28–30, 2012 | The Ramada Osaka, Osaka, Japan


Conference Theme: "Brave New World"

March 20–22, 2011 | The Ramada Osaka, Osaka, Japan


Conference Theme: "East Meets West"

June 18–20, 2010 | The Ramada Osaka, Osaka, Japan