What you see and What you do

The workshop is based on current research in the field of negotiation. Workshop participants will investigate negotiation behaviours and thinking through a survey as well as small group work on short cases and examples. The behaviours and thinking represent cognitive schemata about negotiation that the workshop leader has investigated in the context of various industries and cultures. To be considered in the workshop are the behaviours observed in the real world, the preferred behaviours, and the thinking of participants.

The workshop will introduce and review some general aspects of negotiating in professional contexts in order to bring the audience to the same approximate page: negotiating in and among organisations in the context of professional work. Workshop participants will complete a survey online and the aggregated responses will be discussed. The short cases will be the subject of small group efforts to analyse and make decisions about possible next actions. Finally, a general discussion will ensue about what makes good negotiators good and the pros and cons of certain behaviours.

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