Cultivating Creativity in Cooperative Management: A Digital Training Initiative for Sustainable SME Development (78618)

Session Information: AI in Economics and Management
Session Chair: Jieqiong Cao

Saturday, 25 May 2024 13:20
Session: Session 3
Room: Room 607
Presentation Type: Oral Presentation

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Cooperatives play a pivotal role in Indonesia's economy and make a significant contribution to the national income. The products and businesses typically operated by cooperative leaders include versatile business units, savings and loan units, and production units. However, in Banjarmasin, the majority of cooperatives are primarily engaged in savings and loan activities. Therefore, efforts have been made to provide training aimed at enhancing creativity in diversifying cooperative business products. With the hope that cooperatives, initially focused on savings and loans, can expand and incorporate versatile business units into their portfolios. This research aims to investigate the impact of a digital cooperative management training initiative on the development of creativity among cooperative leaders and its effects on the sustainable growth of SMEs. The research begins by developing a digital training model using both synchronous and asynchronous methods, enabling participants to access training materials at their convenience. Subsequently, participants are divided into groups to work on cooperative business development projects, applying concepts learned during the training to enhance their creativity. The study concludes by assessing the training's impact on the growth of creativity and cooperative business product development efforts. The research findings highlight the positive effects of digital-based training on enhancing creativity and promoting diverse cooperative business endeavors. With increased creativity, it is expected that cooperatives can develop a wider range of business products that support SMEs in Banjarmasin, ultimately contributing to the sustainable growth of the SME sector.

Monry Fraick Nicky Gillian Ratumbuysang, Bandung University of Education, Indonesia

About the Presenter(s)
Mr Monry Fraick Nicky Gillian Ratumbuysang is a University Doctoral Student at Bandung University of Education in Indonesia

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