Of Miracles, Healings, and Protection: A Folkloric Study on the Use of Habak in the Tri-City of Cebu, Philippines (79596)

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This qualitative study investigates the uses of habak (amulet) in the Tri-City of Metro Cebu, Philippines. Anchored on Malinowski’s Functionalist Theory and supported by Dorson’s National Folklore Theory, this study specifically looks into Miracles, Healings, and Protection as reoccurring themes in Philippine folkloric culture. This study utilizes nondirective interviews to investigate the experiences of nine respondents who were born natives of their respective cities. Upon analysis, the research results show that: (1) Three out of nine respondents from the Tri-City of Cebu have experienced miraculous events from using habak and such events are powered by their belief; (2) Two of the respondents revealed how habak healed their illnesses after it is used by the mananambal (local healers) as one of its traditional healing practices; and, (3) Four respondents shared similar accounts on how habak protected them from danger and evil spirits. Based on the findings, the paper concludes that the locals from the Tri-City of Cebu use habak for miracles, healings, and protection and that they believe that it plays a significant role in preserving their folkloric traditions and shaping their sense of identity as Cebuanos, as Filipinos from the region.

Dave Pregoner, Cebu Normal University, Philippines

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Mr Dave Pregoner is a University Postgraduate Student at Cebu Normal University in Philippines. He is a Filipino Foreign Language Teacher and a Remote English Instructor. He writes poetry, fiction, and literary and cultural research.

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