Social, Economic, and Technological Barriers of the Music Industry in Cebu Province (79853)

Session Information: Performing Arts Practices
Session Chair: Yukina Sato

Sunday, 26 May 2024 09:30
Session: Session 1
Room: Room 701
Presentation Type: Oral Presentation

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This research scrutinized the multifaceted challenges that confronted music core groups in Cebu Province, investigating social, economic, and technological barriers through the comprehensive framework of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling management. The primary aim was to propose a forward-thinking management framework that would foster sustainable growth within the music industry. The findings, which employed a qualitative multiple-case study methodology, sheds light on the complex landscape that societal, economic, and technological challenges shape. Coping mechanisms, vital tools for resilience, are diverse and include faith, self-care, diversion, economic negotiation skills, continuous learning, and community involvement. The Amplify Cebu Music Management Framework emerges as a strategic response, grounded in the classic management functions. TechHarmony Integration, which aims to seamlessly integrate technology into the industry, serves as a complement to key components like Harmony Vision, Melodic Collaboration, Innovation Crescendo, and Rhythmic Governance. Tailored interventions encompass leadership development, modern promotion strategies, artist well-being, creative hubs, education, and government support. Recognizing limitations in role selection, the study encourages future research to explore the perspectives and challenges of various industry roles beyond creators, artists, and organizations. Implications extend to industry stakeholders, policymakers, educators, and practitioners, urging inclusive strategies that consider the diverse range of roles within the music industry. Beyond Cebu, this study provides insights applicable globally, contributing to the development of inclusive, effective frameworks. In conclusion, the research offers a comprehensive roadmap for overcoming barriers, fostering resilience, and contributing to a vibrant and sustainable music industry in Cebu, aligning the local music scene with global audiences.

Antoniette Almaden, Cebu Institute of Technology – University, Philippines
Alex Ocampo, Cebu Institute of Technology – University, Philippines
Alexander Franco A. Delantar, Cebu Institute of Technology – University, Philippines

About the Presenter(s)
Engr. Antoniette M. Almaden, a faculty member in the Industrial Engineering Department at the Cebu Institute of Technology-University. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Management.

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