The Phenomenon of Murder as a Symbolic Archetype in the Albanian Oral Narrative (80556)

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The research of the oral narrative, based on a methodological and historical framework of interpretation, focuses on the phenomenon of murder, present in a significant part of the creativity of the Albanian people. In search of the messages that the collective unconscious conveys through these symbolic archetypes, this article aims to highlight the ways in which the murders, in all their fanciful variety in folkloric heritage, shed light on the essential nature of this people and have served as healing long-term of its national-social construct. Based on this central idea, we will argue how the various scenarios that arise as invariants of the theme of murder, whether as sacrifice, fatality or matricide, abhorrence and fratricide, etc., have served as transmitters with legal status of values that should remain stable, despite everything, as the only way to fulfill the final vision, that of Albanian permanence. Through the polysemic nature of the narrative, these myths have been addressed to the collective unconscious in the conditions of an emergency where the fundamental substratum of the social structures of the Albanian people was endangered. From here, the individual consciousness explodes precisely in these mythic and legendary archetypes as equally symbolic appeals to a people aspiring to pass from the unconscious anonymity of the collectivity to the shaping of a national construct.

Valbona Kalo, Alexander Xhuvani University, Albania

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Dr Valbona Kalo is a University Professor/Principal Lecturer at Alexander Xhuvani University, Elbasan in Albania

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