Exploring Key Factors in the Intermediary Brokerage of Indigenous Carving Industry: A Case Study of the Jiaxing Tribe in Pingtung (80847)

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Friday, 24 May 2024 15:30
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Room: Orion Hall (5F)
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This research centers on the indigenous carving industry in the Jiaxing Tribe of Pingtung, Taiwan. Through the execution of nine action plans, the study investigates the "key factors" in intermediary brokerage tasks and the promotion process. The findings serve as practical strategic references for the future economic transformation of tribal communities. The results reveal that indigenous artisans' characteristics and adaptive skills are the primary keys in intermediary brokerage actions. Consensus goals between intermediaries and indigenous artisans are essential, involving differentiated perspectives on commodification packaging, brand expansion methods, and indigenous artisan differences. Intermediaries must understand local resources before enhancing the necessary capabilities for gradually expanding and connecting resources. Constructing an assessment tool and measuring rulers to appreciate indigenous carving aesthetics can enhance the developmental benefits for intermediaries. The demand for an artistic database of indigenous artisans, connecting individuals to the community, increasing the weight of indigenous artisans, and linking craftsmanship to experiences for an increased sense of product value are highlighted. A thorough investigation into indigenous taboos, traditional practices, and cultural capabilities or support is crucial before promoting intermediary brokerage. This allows for the development of the depth to translate culture into products and guide artisans in breaking through barriers in taboo and cultural commerce. Intermediaries must be able to interpret artisan works from surface representation to in-depth exploration, returning to the core of indigenous carving aesthetics.

Yueh Hsiu Giffen Cheng, National Taiwan University of Arts, Taiwan

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Professor yueh hsiu Giffen Cheng is a University Professor/Principal Lecturer at National Taiwan University of Arts in Taiwan

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