Magic Theatre: Exploring the Impact of Magic in Educational Theater on Confidence and Creativity (80926)

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Friday, 24 May 2024 15:30
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Room: Orion Hall (5F)
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This study investigates the integration of magic activities with educational theater, reflecting the contemporary trend towards diversified educational methods. Inspired by personal teaching and learning experiences, the researcher introduced magic into theater with the aim of enhancing participants' confidence and creativity. A case study approach was employed, following a comprehensive literature review. A three-month educational theater project was conducted, featuring six performances both domestically and internationally. Participants engaged in both the production of magic-infused theater performances and in learning magic, gaining unique theatrical production experiences. The study included semi-structured interviews with four magic or theater experts, five production team members, and eight audience members who watched the magic theater production. Additionally, a survey was conducted among domestic audiences. Research tools included interview outlines, field notes, and survey questionnaires. Findings indicate that audiences generally believed watching these performances could enhance creativity and imagination, though impacting confidence was less evident. However, some audience members felt that witnessing this new type of performance could inspire performers to try different styles, thereby boosting confidence. Production team members mostly felt a sense of achievement and increased confidence, although the impact on creativity varied depending on their roles. Additionally, the project was found to enhance participants' emotional management and communication skills. This research provides valuable insights into the practice of combining magic with theater and offers guidance for future similar activities.

Mu-Syuan Chang, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan
Sheng-Tao Fan, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

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Mr Mu-Syuan Chang is a University Postgraduate Student at National Taiwan Normal University in Taiwan

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