Between Hope and Regulations: The Struggle of Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) Treatment in China (80983)

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Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) has been a death sentence for cats until the advent of GS-441524 (referred to as 441), a groundbreaking treatment that remains prohibited in China. This paper investigates the multifaceted efforts by Chinese cat owners to secure 441 through overseas shopping and the clandestine measures veterinarians and pet hospitals undertake to administer this vital medication amidst stringent regulations. It provides a detailed examination of the history of 441's procurement and its illicit distribution within the veterinary community, offering a unique lens through which the intersecting dynamics of governmental medical regulations, the impassioned determination of pet owners, and the adaptive strategies of veterinary professionals are explored. This narrative not only highlights the conflict between regulatory policies and grassroots movements for animal welfare but also underscores the significant contributions of these collective actions to the history of veterinary medicine in China. By analyzing veterinary literature, personal accounts, and regulatory documents, this study delineates the complex interplay between the Chinese government's prohibition of 441 and the persistent endeavors to transcend these barriers, reflecting a broader discourse on the evolution of veterinary medicine, regulatory oversight, and the societal value placed on animal life in China. This paper significantly advances our understanding of veterinary medicine's development by connecting governmental medical regulations with the desires of pet owners and the operational realities of veterinarians and pet hospitals, marking a pivotal moment in the ongoing narrative of animal healthcare in China.

Shuyang Shi, University of Pittsburgh, United States

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Mr Shuyang Shi is a University Doctoral Student at University of Pittsburgh in United States

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