Study of Trade Route Connections in Light of Seals and Sealings from Excavations at Purana Qila (Indraprastha), New Delhi (80989)

Session Information: Ethnicity and Identity
Session Chair: Yuki Yokohama

Monday, 27 May 2024 14:35
Session: Session 3
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The ancient literatures of India give an astounding overview of the country’s rich cultural heritage, technological advancement, trade and commerce, developed transportation routes, trade routes, etc. This paper is an attempt to understand the role of the seals and sealings that have been excavated recently from the archaeological mound of Purana Qila in New Delhi, India which is identified as the ancient city of Indraprastha. This ancient city has been mentioned time and again in the Mahabharata, a text that has upheld an account of the richness of this ancient civilization, encompassing the period of Indian Civilization, about which, much more remains to be studied and explored. Now, apart from understanding the importance of the seals and sealings, this paper attempts to stimulate an understanding of two additional and important subject matters, related to trade connections, and, trade routes. Therefore, these seals and sealings, apart from being significant archaeological finds, also brings to light, prominence of the Uttarāpatha (the northern trade route), and the bifurcation of this route, a fact that makes ancient trade, a significant part of the society in those times. These seals and sealings are embossed with the ancient Brāhmī script and motifs, the language being Sanskrit. References have been drawn with contemporary sites to understand a comprehensive picture of the prevalent trade route of the ancient times. A concise attempt has also been made to understand the importance of this trade route in the context of development of the Silk Route as well.

Vasant Kumar Swarnkar, Archaeological Survey of India, India
Satarupa Bal, Archaeological Survey of India, India

About the Presenter(s)
Dr SATARUPA BAL is a Civil Servant at Deccan College PGRI Deemed University in India

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