Analyzing the Creative Expression of Virtual Characters in Cosplay Subculture (81141)

Session Information: Subculture Politics
Session Chair: Mario Rodriguez

Monday, 27 May 2024 15:35
Session: Session 4
Room: Room D (Live-Stream)
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This study aims to explore how cosplay communities enhance the intrinsic creativity within the group from a perspective of creativity. Despite often being overlooked in cosplay subculture, creativity is nevertheless a vital component within the group. To delve deeper into this phenomenon, the author undertook offline ecological observations of UK cosplay events and observed cosplayer influencers on Instagram, specifically focusing on how contemporary cosplayers shape virtual character images through artistic expression. Additionally, the author systematically categorized performance roles within the cosplay subculture through data collection and analysis and compared different role categories to reveal the core of creativity within the cosplay community. Drawing upon Jenkins’ theory, the discussion examines how fans foster community creativity through self-expression, further delving into the significance of cosplayer creativity within the cosplay subculture. Through highlighting the importance of intrinsic creativity within cosplay communities, the author aims to stimulate scholarly interest in the creativity of the cosplay subculture, thus offering insights into the cosplay subculture from various perspectives.

Rui Bao, University of Dundee, United Kingdom

About the Presenter(s)
Mr Rui Bao is a University Doctoral Student at University of Dundee in United Kingdom

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