Reconstructing Adolescents’ Depression: A Practice-Oriented Approach (81155)

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Friday, 24 May 2024 15:30
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Room: Orion Hall (5F)
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Adolescent suicide is a significant societal issue, with depression being a crucial indicator of suicide risk. Current research in Taiwan often perceives adolescent depression as a disease when discussing suicide prevention. However, there is limited exploration using a non-labeling and non-definitional approach to understand “depression” as a normal state (Newman, 1991). This study employs a practice-oriented research method, conducting image narrative for depressed adolescents. By having teenagers capture images depicting their depressive experiences in the realms of family, school, and community, a reconstruction of diverse depressive expressions takes place. Through curating new visual stories and engaging in dialogues with society, a new narrative experience is generated, aiming to eliminate internalized stigma and challenge dominant depression narratives. Findings reveal that teenagers, in reconstructing their stories of depression, undergo the following process: 1. Adolescent depression as an undifferentiated negative emotion, mixed with a chaotic state of unidentifiable life experiences and emotions. 2. Naming the experience allows adolescents to break free from the chaotic state. 3. Linking emotions and life experiences enables autonomy and liberation from a sense of helplessness. 4. Core life experiences often carry social stigma, hindering them in layers of vocabulary and peripheral events. 5. When teenagers collectively present their new depressive stories through curation, they are empowered with narrative energy. Surprisingly, the deepest impact on parents is not from their own kids but from other teenagers. This study affirms the effectiveness of a practice-oriented approach in adolescent depression research and its outcomes, suggesting the need for its wider promotion.

Cheng-Pin Lai, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan
Kuan-I Li, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan

About the Presenter(s)
Dr. Lai Cheng-Pin is an Assistant Professor in Fu Jen Catholic University's Psychology Department, actively engaged in two research projects funded by the National Science and Technology Council and the Ministry of Education.

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